Vienna series

The Vienna series is inspired on the beautiful historical city in Austria. With the intriguing landscape in all of Austria, the Vienna series are a representation on how beauty should be.


Powered by the Japanse Seiko VD53, this quartz movement is praised for its reliability.


Thanks to the 42 mm size, the watch is suitable for every wrist and is very comfortable to wear.


It’s all about the details, so we made applied hour-markers and hands with luminescent coating.   

All currently available watches in the Vienna series

Discover a wide range of variety.

Vienna Z7.1555.001

An elegant combination of silver and blue.

Vienna Z7.1555.002

Gold tone with high-quality weave style strap.

Vienna Z7.1555.003

A sporty and classic combination of blue and silver steel strap

Vienna Z7.1555.004

A beautiful and unique combination of bronze, blue and orange.