Jacob Zech watches are valuable objects and precision instruments that require particular care in terms of use and maintenance. To ensure your timepiece retains its beauty and functionality, we provide useful tips and information on warranty below.

Watch care

Like any valuable object and precision instrument, Jacob Zech Original® watches require particular care in terms of their use and maintenance.

The tips listed will enable you to prolong their lifespan.

Your watch has been made according to the strict quality standards of Jacob Zech Original® and with all the care of highly qualified watchmakers.

The watch is covered by International Warranty against defects in manufacturing and materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Owning or caring for a Jacob Zech Original® watch may raise several questions. To assist you, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below.”

User Guides

To learn more about your Jacob Zech watch and maximize its potential, download the user guide for detailed information and instructions.