Florence series

Florence, the capital of the Roman Empire also known as “The Flourishing Town” is famous for its art, as being the cradle of the Renaissance. The Florence series is inspired by the rich history of the artistic and militant city of Florence which results in a beautiful statement timepiece. 


Powered by the Japanse Seiko VD53, this quartz movement is praised for its reliability.


Thanks to the 40 mm size, the watch is suitable for every wrist and is very comfortable to wear.


It’s all about the details, so we made applied hour-markers and hands with luminescent coating.   

All currently available watches in the Florence series

Discover a wide range of variety.

Florence Z3.1535.001

An elegant combination of silver, black and blue.

Florence Z3.1535.002

The combination of silver, clear blue, and orange gives a sporty look.

Florence Z3.1535.003

A beautiful combination of silver orange and a blue leather strap with orange stitching.

Florence Z3.1535.004

A beautiful combination of gold, black, and blue.

Florence Z3.1535.005

A classic retro combination of silver, gold, and black.

Florence Z3.1535.006

A fresh color combination of retro racing green with yellow accents.

Florence Z3.1535.007

A beautiful combination of silver and dark red.

Florence Z3.1535.008

A beautiful combination of gold, black and dark green.

Florence Z3.1535.009

A beautiful combination of gold and green.

Florence Z3.1535.010

A beautiful combination of silver blue and red.